About Us

OnBoard Skate Inc founded in 2012

by CEO Steve Hodges and partner Janet Sayers to address the needs of a growing number of children and youth today who are being excluded from traditional organised sports because of its hyper competitive culture, its focus on talent identification, and exclusion to the detriment of those less talented, but wanting to participate

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Our Vision

Everything we do is designed to enrich the lives of others. Your success is our passion.

The way we help you achieve success is by providing an inclusive, safe, fun  and enjoyable actions sports experience in a non-judgmental learning environment , supported by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping others.

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Founded on a philosophy of "inclusion for all" , OnBoard Skate offers children and youth an opportunity to participate in a safe, action oriented lifestyle activity where participants of all abilities and skill levels are welcome. 

We guarantee that every person will achieve success, no matter what their athletic ability.